True Grit

Driving Kathleen home:

Me: Today I listened to a podcast about “grit.” Do you know what that is?

Kathleen: No. Sounds boring.

Me: Grit is what allows people to work hard, even at things they don’t like doing in order to achieve big goals in their lives. Are you a gritty person Kathleen?

Kathleen: I don’t know.

Me: I was wondering because you quit soccer and you quit piano. You don’t like practicing things. So maybe we need to work on your grit.

Kathleen: Um, I don’t think so.

Me: But you don’t really have any activities that develop your grit.

Kathleen: Yes I do. I watch a lot of TV.

Me: How does that show grit?

Kathleen: Sometimes shows are really long, and if you drink a lot you have to have real bladder control ….

Me: I stand corrected.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Kathleen and I are sitting alone in the living room, discussing what to watch on TV.

Me: “If you put on Phineas and Ferb, I will let you stay up later!”

Kathleen: “Ok, fluff belly!” She elbows me in the ribs as she says this.  Then leaning slightly away, she puts her near hand to one side of her mouth, like she is trying to talk to someone across the room without me hearing. “I don’t know why I call him that!”

Me: “Who are you talking to?!?”

Kathleen: “The audience.”

I give a belly laugh.

Kathleen smiles slyly at me.  Then returning her hand to the side of her mouth: “Don’t try that at home folks!”