Enlightening Errors

Each evening before bed I go over spelling words with Kathleen. Unlike when I was in school, her second grade class does not have a weekly spelling list or test. The elementary school pendulum has swung toward phonics, and there are a large list of “sight words” that they hope she will pick up by the end of the year. So I sit down with the long list and every night I add a few more words that she has not spelled before. So it was that we came to the word “long.”

Me: Kathleen, how do you spell “long”?

Kathleen: L – O (now her voice shifts to a tone indicating random guessing) um, A – D.

Me, frowning: No Kathleen, you just spelled “load.” Think about it, lll-aw-nnn-gu. There’s not even a “duh” sound in the word.

Kathleen: Well look on the bright side dad. I just learned how to spell “load”!