True Grit

Driving Kathleen home:

Me: Today I listened to a podcast about “grit.” Do you know what that is?

Kathleen: No. Sounds boring.

Me: Grit is what allows people to work hard, even at things they don’t like doing in order to achieve big goals in their lives. Are you a gritty person Kathleen?

Kathleen: I don’t know.

Me: I was wondering because you quit soccer and you quit piano. You don’t like practicing things. So maybe we need to work on your grit.

Kathleen: Um, I don’t think so.

Me: But you don’t really have any activities that develop your grit.

Kathleen: Yes I do. I watch a lot of TV.

Me: How does that show grit?

Kathleen: Sometimes shows are really long, and if you drink a lot you have to have real bladder control ….

Me: I stand corrected.