Crisis of Faith

Discussion in the car on the ride home from preschool.

Lucy (age 5): Dad, who built the world?

Me: Well, that is kind of like asking who built a tree. Trees grow, they aren’t built. We can say that God made them.

Lucy: But God isn’t real.

Me: God isn’t real?!?

Lucy: No. When we pray for things, God doesn’t give them.

Me: Like what?

Lucy: Like I wanted a bunny rabbit, and I wanted mommy to have flowers for mother’s day, and I wanted a toy.

Me: But there are bunnies who live in our yard, and Kathleen got flowers for mommy for mother’s day. So it looks like you got what you wanted.

Lucy: But I didn’t get a toy.

Me: You have LOTS of toys. Maybe too many!

Lucy: Stop talking about God dad.

Me: Ok Lucy.

Sensitive Feelings

Excerpts from a conversation with Kathleen last night before bed:

Kathleen: “Dad, why did God make me with such sensitive feelings?”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe God wanted you to be nice, and so God gave you sensitive feelings.”

Kathleen: “No, being nice doesn’t make me sensitive.”

Me: “Well, maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking why God gave you sensitive feelings, you should ask what God wants you to do with your sensitive feelings.”

Kathleen: “Dad, you really need to lighten up.”

PhD studies in theology do not prepare one for discussing God with a six year old.