Matchmaker, Matchmaker ….

On the way home from school today I was informed that, Kathleen (6yo) has decided that she likes boys (this was news to me). She asked me to help her figure out who to marry. Here is what we came up with:

Philip is kinda mean, so that is a no.

Oliver has a cast on his arm, which apparently rules him out.

Ricky threw up today, which is a deal breaker.

Tristan doesn’t always listen to the teacher, so no. (I am particularly happy with this reasoning!)

Micah is smaller than Kathleen, that puts him out of contention.

Eric goes to the safe-seat every day, this eliminates him.

Mustafa is a new kid is class, so no.

Logan has brown, kinda long hair, and brown eyes. So he is in the running.

Graham said that he likes Kathleen, which makes him a contender.

No doubt we will be sending out invitations just as soon as Kathleen is able to narrow it down to one.