Interrogating the Easter Bunny

Kathleen is at the age where she wants to believe in the Easter Bunny, etc. but she is skeptical. Today we set out a plate of radishes, then the girls left for church early to go by Starbucks on the way, while I stayed behind and showed up late to church.

When we got home, three radishes had been partially eaten, and sure enough there were boiled and plastic eggs spread out around the house (it’s cold and rainy outside today). After tracking down all the eggs in our after-church hunt, Kathleen turned to give me the third-degree about what I had been doing while they were at church.

Eventually she decided that there was a way to tell for sure if I had stayed home and played the Easter Bunny: have me eat a radish and compare the bite marks.  After two tests, the examination of the radishes is in full swing, with much close looking and pointing to supposed similarities and differences.  It’s like CSI Easter in my house.