There is a stomach virus moving through my family today. Lucy (3yo) got sick at 4AM, Jenn stayed home with her. Kathleen (6yo) was sick enough by mid-morning that the nurse called to get her picked up from school. When I arrived home, all my girls were cuddled up under a blanket on the couch.

I asked Jennifer what we should do for dinner. Kathleen immediately perked up: “We should get PIZZA!”

Confectionery Monstrosity

During dinner, Kathleen (age 6) decided that she was a budding chef.  She suggested a new recipe, the ingredients of which follow:

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Pudding

Jennifer has decided to make this confectionery monstrosity.  It has all been mixed, and Kathleen has instructed us to put it in the freezer for 8 minutes.

God help us all!