Pint-sized Fashionista

A conversation with Kathleen (6yo):

Me: You should wear these pants, they look comfy.
Kathleen: I don’t wear those pants.
Me: Why not?
Kathleen: They are fuzzy.
Me: Exactly, look my sweats are fuzzy on the inside.
Kathleen: Dad, fuzzy is so last season.

Washingtons to wear


Washingtons to wear

I am a difficult person for whom do buy presents, mostly because I am a difficult person in general. I return all clothing that is bought for me on principle. My parents know this well. So, this year, they made me a small shirt and tie out of five one dollar bills (complete with small rock tie clip, and buttons attached at the bottom). This proves three things.

1. My parents have too much time on their hands.
2. My parents are really out of touch with the inflation of clothing prices since the mid 1930s.
3. My mom and dad love me! (Love you too mom and dad!)