Science vs. Propriety

Me: “Kathleen, when you get out of the bath you need to dry off your legs.”

Kathleen: “But I like my legs all shiny.”

Me: “You are going to drip all over the place, that’s what water does.”

Kathleen: “No, water can evaporate into a gas. Then it forms clouds in the atmosphere, where it collects into small droplets and falls back to the earth as rain.”

Me: “Well, that’s all true, but … Just dry your legs.”

My daughter is making me anti-education.

Bath Extraction …

Lucy (3yo) often forgets her imaginary baby when she gets out of the tub at night. She then turns around once she is out, scoops the “baby” up, and places it on the ground. The result is always a wet bathroom floor. This, of course, prompts me to say: “Lucy, don’t throw the bathwater out with the baby!”