Sensitive Feelings

Excerpts from a conversation with Kathleen last night before bed:

Kathleen: “Dad, why did God make me with such sensitive feelings?”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe God wanted you to be nice, and so God gave you sensitive feelings.”

Kathleen: “No, being nice doesn’t make me sensitive.”

Me: “Well, maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking why God gave you sensitive feelings, you should ask what God wants you to do with your sensitive feelings.”

Kathleen: “Dad, you really need to lighten up.”

PhD studies in theology do not prepare one for discussing God with a six year old.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker ….

On the way home from school today I was informed that, Kathleen (6yo) has decided that she likes boys (this was news to me). She asked me to help her figure out who to marry. Here is what we came up with:

Philip is kinda mean, so that is a no.

Oliver has a cast on his arm, which apparently rules him out.

Ricky threw up today, which is a deal breaker.

Tristan doesn’t always listen to the teacher, so no. (I am particularly happy with this reasoning!)

Micah is smaller than Kathleen, that puts him out of contention.

Eric goes to the safe-seat every day, this eliminates him.

Mustafa is a new kid is class, so no.

Logan has brown, kinda long hair, and brown eyes. So he is in the running.

Graham said that he likes Kathleen, which makes him a contender.

No doubt we will be sending out invitations just as soon as Kathleen is able to narrow it down to one.

Mmmmmm … Eyes.

The snow was finally warm enough to make a snowman tonight.  Jennifer (my wife) was outside helping the girls and Lucy (3 years old) requested materials for snowman eyes.  I looked around the kitchen and found two peppermint candies.  I handed them to Lucy, who was quite excited.  However, she apparently decided that her creation should be a cyclops, because by the time she reached the snowman she had popped one of the peppermints into her mouth. And, I would have posted a picture of the cyclops, but she soon decided that snowmen were really not meant to have the gift of sight at all.

Washingtons to wear


Washingtons to wear

I am a difficult person for whom do buy presents, mostly because I am a difficult person in general. I return all clothing that is bought for me on principle. My parents know this well. So, this year, they made me a small shirt and tie out of five one dollar bills (complete with small rock tie clip, and buttons attached at the bottom). This proves three things.

1. My parents have too much time on their hands.
2. My parents are really out of touch with the inflation of clothing prices since the mid 1930s.
3. My mom and dad love me! (Love you too mom and dad!)

Jesus, Dad!

For a few weeks now, Kathleen has been asking for a puppy for Christmas. In response, I have repeatedly explained to her the many reasons why she really does not want a puppy. Inevitably, the conversation ends with me telling her that, no matter how much she wants a puppy, we are not getting one. She then usually moves to expressing her exasperation with me in the way that only a six year old can.

Today, Kathleen told me she was going to go write something, and she sat down at her little table and pulled out her crayon. A minute later, she came over to her mother and I with a paper reading: “Dad i wat a pupee. Jesus (Dad I want a puppy. Jesus)”


Her mother and I looked at each other, wondering when our daughter had started using Jesus’ name as an expression of frustration. Thankfully, before we were able to respond, she told us that there was more on the back of the paper. We turned it over to find written: “is in r hrt (is in our heart).”

Cute kid, that one, and lucky she told us to keep reading.


One imaginary flying unicorn.  Female. Apparently answers to “Stripe.”  Light blue coat with green/blue mane.  I don’t have a picture.

My daughter (Kathleen) spent much of the morning looking alternately out of the front and back windows, only to announce despairingly that she doesn’t see the unicorn.

I find her apparently very real disappointment disconcerting given that it is, after all, an imaginary flying unicorn.