Divine wrath and silverware

Tonight for our bedtime story we were covering the Epic of Gilgamesh, in which the goddess Ishtar punishes Gilgamesh for rejecting her. Lucy was confused by the idea of a spiteful goddess, so I had to explain that in many ancient religions the gods were not moral. This began the following exchange.

Lucy: “Oh, so their gods had feelings.”

Me: “Well Christians believe that God has feelings, but all of them are good feelings.”

Kathleen: “No, God gets angry sometimes.”

Me: “Yes there are stories where God gets angry, but what does God get angry about?”

Kathleen: “When people don’t believe in God.”

Me: “I actually think it would be hard to find a story where God gets mad just because people don’t believe in God. God gets mad because people turn away from God. And God is good, so turning away from God is turning away from goodness. God gets angry when we do evil.”

Kathleen: “Like What?”

Lucy: “Like when someone eats ice cream with a fork!”


From now on, if asked for the paradigm example of a sin, I am prepared.

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