Young love and the search for Nirvana

Every night Lucy asks for a bedtime story. I have been running on empty for a while so I recently decided just to give her my world religion lectures. About a week ago I told her the story of the Buddha who overcame suffering by abandoning attachment to all things. Not being attached to anything, the Buddha feared nothing because no matter what was taken from the Buddha it was not something he was attached to.

This weekend Lucy was chatting online in a video game with a boy and she told him she had a crush on him. So Sunday night she was nervous about what was going to happen at school today. Drawing on some advice my mother gave me when I was young I told her to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” “What was the worst that could happen?” I asked. “He could tell everyone what I said and embarrass me,” she answered. “Ok,” I responded, “But if he is the kind of boy that would do that, then you can tell people honestly that you don’t like him. Because you wouldn’t like a boy who did that.”

To this my daughter responded: “I’m not the fricken Buddha, dad.”

I’m not sure if I should be proud of her for learning about Buddhism, or disappointed that she is so far from enlightenment.

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