Cafeteria Christians

Me: “What did you study today in Sunday School?”

Kathleen: “Moses and the Ten Commandments.”

Me: “Oh cool. Can you name them?”

Kathleen and Lucy, talking over one another: “Worship God. Don’t steal. Don’t murder. Don’t be jealous … umm”

Me: “You haven’t gotten to the most important one yet. I’m waiting!”

Kathleen and Lucy: …

Jennifer: “It starts: Honor your …”

Lucy: “Your family?”

Me: “No.”

Kathleen: “Your God?”

Me: “No.”

Lucy “Your golden calf?”

Me: “No!”

Lucy: “Yea, that didn’t sound right.”

Jennifer and I: “Honor your mother and father.”

Kathleen: “Oh… We aren’t going to follow that one.”

Lucy: “Yea. That’s a bad one.”


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