Chubby Bird

Lucy, looking out the window of our van as we drive down the road: “Awww. There was a chubby bird sitting on that sign.”

Jennifer: “Was there?”

Lucy: “Yea. He was really fat. Like Dad, but cute.”

Jennifer: “Hey! Daddy is cute!”

Lucy: “Yea,” her voice basically shrugging. “Chubby is cute … ” Her voice trails off as she continues to look out the window.

And scene.

Playing The Heavy

Last night Kathleen wasn’t feeling well. This morning she tried to convince Jennifer that she shouldn’t go to summer school.

Jennifer responded: “You don’t have a temperature, you didn’t throw up. You’re going to school.”

Kathleen continued to protest that she was too tired to go.

So Jennifer says:”Look, I’m not your father. You are going to school.”

And that was the end of it.

Who knew?