Charity means Love

The girls‘ school is raising money for some charitable cause this week, and they are motivating students to bring money by holding a competition to see what grade contributes the most.

Second and Fourth grades are the leaders, which means that either of our daughters could be a member of the winning grade.

So, last night Lucy and Kathleen each pulled $20 out of their piggy banks to donate. I was left wondering if they fully realized that their donations would offset one another.

The competition being a significant topic of conversation last night, I was surprised I didn’t hear anything more this morning as we got ready to head to school. So, in the car I asked how the competition was going. Both of my girls simultaneously groaned, then looked at each other.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lucy asked Kathleen.

Pulling her $20 out of the secret pocket in her jacket, Kathleen responded, “I was hoping you forgot, so you wouldn’t put your money in.”

Lucy then reached into the secret pocket on the side of her backpack to produce her $20 bill. “Same.”

I’m sensing that good will is not the primary motivation behind these donations to charity.


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