Etiquette vs. the pre-teen

I’m still getting over a cold I got three weeks ago. On the ride to taekwondo I sneezed twice in immediate succession.

Irked that Kathleen had not reacted to my plight, I looked at her in the back seat through the rear-view mirror. “Hello!” I said, “Bless you?!?!”

Kathleen stared back unimpressed. “Dad, if you are the one who sneezed, you should really say ‘Bless me.'”

I’m thinking of not giving her anything for Christmas.

Conan the ten year old

Kathleen has a belt test for taekwando tonight. As she headed out the door, Jennifer yelled: “Honey, make sure you don’t forget your weapons!”

They grow up so fast. One day you are tying their shoes for them. The next you are reminding them not to forget their implements of battle.