Church Hooky

Katheen put her foot down this morning. She was not going to go to church.

Jennifer attempted some mental jujitsu by suggesting that it was fine for her to stay home, but she would not be allowed to watch TV or use any other electronics for the rest of the day.

Kathleen called Jennifer’s bluff.

At this point I stepped in and escalated the situation. I said that it was fine that Kathleen was staying home as this would give us lots of time to work on her reading.

We sat down and started into Kathleen’s chosen book on how to care for a Guinea Pig (it’s aspirational reading). She made it halfway through the first paragraph, hit the word “characteristics” and promptly announced that she now regretted her decision not to go to church.

We quickly got her dressed and in the van in time to make it to Sunday School. So #win.

But now we have come dangerously close to using reading as a punishment.

I don’t think this ends well.

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