Stream of … ok, let’s call it “consciousness”

Excerpt from a discussion on the ride home from gymnastics …

Lucy: “Where did people come up with constellations?”

Me: “Like star constellations?”

Lucy: “Yea.”

Me: “Well, today we think of constellations as things that people make up, but I don’t think that people have always thought about them that way. Some people just thought that they were part of the sky; like God made them to look like a dipper or whatever. And they thought that they could use the messages from God to tell us about what was going to happen in the world ….”

Lucy: “One day I am going to make an App called ‘I don’t want to talk to you.’”

Me: “Um. Ok.”

Lucy: “Your phone will have a magnet that lets you attach it to your face, then a picture of you on the phone will just say things like ‘really … you don’t say … hmmm …’ so that the person thinks you are paying attention.”

Me: “I see.”

Lucy: “Did you know that I am a great actress?”

Me: “No.”

Lucy: “Like today I acted like I was eaten by an alligator, but I escaped.”

Me: “Really?”

Lucy: “Yes. One day I want to live in the jungle.”

Me: “With alligators?”

Lucy: “Yep. And lions, and monkeys, and snakes, and Chihuahuas.”

Me: “Chihuahuas?!?! WHAT?!?!”

Lucy: “Chihuahuas. You know, the little dogs.”

Me: “Yes. Yes I do.”

Lucy: “And there will be leopards, and rattle snakes. And you can come visit.”

Me: “I don’t know that I will want to visit with all those scary animals.”

Lucy: “I said I would have Chihuahuas.”

Me: “Yes, but you also said you would have snakes.”

Lucy: “I won’t have any pythons.”

Me: “I am actually less worried about pythons than I am about rattle snakes.”

Lucy: “Ok, I’ll have baby pandas. Will that work?”

Me: “I will visit to see the baby pandas.”

And scene …

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