Jennifer went back to work today, but I had an online meeting this afternoon, so I discussed it with the girls ahead of time. I told them that I needed an hour without them interrupting. I would put on a new movie upstairs for them to watch, but they needed to stay quiet. No fighting. No rough housing. No screaming. If they succeeded, I told them I would take them out for frozen yogurt later.

Over lunch, they wanted more specifics. What kind of emergency would justify interrupting my meeting? We agreed that fire, poison spiders, or earthquake would be the kinds of things you could interrupt for.

As my meeting got closer, I set up the movie for them, and confirmed that they should not answer the door while I was in the office. Then I headed to the office and started to get myself set up.

Not five minutes later Lucy loudly opened the door to the office announced that she was hungry and asked if she could have a mint ice cream cream popsicle.

To be fair we had not specifically covered that kind of emergency.

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