The Kathleen Dialectic

Riding home from taekwando today Kathleen and I got into an argument about the value of reading. I explained that if she really wanted to appreciate Harry Potter she needed to read the books. She disagreed, saying that the movies were better than the books. I replied that the book is always better than the movie.

“State your case!” She yelled from the back seat.

I pointed out that you could watch the movies in just a few hours while it would take weeks to read the books. Thus, I argued, the books must have more content than the movies.

Kathleen responded that my conclusion was not correct, because reading takes more time to cover the same amount of content. “Because you have to say the words.”

I responded that when you get good at reading, you don’t have to say the words anymore. And you have your imagination to fill in.

Kathleen was having none of this. “You don’t have to say the words OUT LOUD anymore, but you do have to say them in your head,” she concluded.

Then, before I could say anything else, she yells: “BOOM! You have been defeated!”

She is clearly going to be a philosopher. She is lacking the rigor yet, but she has the attitude down.

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