Negotiating Crazy

Kathleen is rummaging through our hats, looking for something to wear to “crazy hat night” at vacation bible school.

Kathleen: “Dad, I don’t think this hat is ours.” She tosses out a grey newsboy cap.

Me: “That is ours. I used to wear it in high school and college.”

Kathleen: “You wore this? Like in public? I think it is a crazy hat. I’m going to wear it tonight.”

Me: “Your mother used to say I looked very cute in that hat. It is NOT a crazy hat.”

Kathleen, putting the hat on her head: “Hey, you say tomato, I say potahto.”

Me: “That’s not even how that goes. Let’s call the whole thing off.”

Kathleen: “Call what off?”

Me: “Never mind. You can wear the hat.”


Kathleen informed me later that she assumed that the hat was not ours because it looked like “something grandpa must have left at our house.”

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