Breaking the Law!

Lucy and I went to the store today. When we got back to the car I started up the air conditioning. Lucy climbed in the back seat while I put the groceries in the trunk. When I got into the driver seat, Lucy clambered up into the front passenger seat.

Lucy: “Can I ride up here on the way home?”

Me: “Well, you’re really not supposed to. And if mommy found out I would get in trouble.”

Lucy: “So?”

Me: “Well, when we get home you would tell mommy.”

Lucy: “True.”

Me: “Then get in the back seat.”

Lucy: “Wait! I won’t tell mommy!”

Me: “Look me in the eye.”

Lucy stares over, exerting maximum effort to look serious.

Me: “You know you like telling people about all your adventures. Would you really not tell mom?”

Lucy shakes her head, maintaining her serious face.

Me, in my most skeptical voice: “And you wouldn’t tell Kathleen?”

Again Lucy shakes her head.

Me: “Ok. Let’s go.”

Lucy: “REALLY?!?!”

Me: “Get your seat belt on!”

Lucy pauses. “WAIT!” She hops up and jumps to her place in the back seat.

Me: “What happened?”

Lucy: “I’m really not good at keeping secrets.”

Me: “Mmm Hmmm.”

Lucy: “Dad?”

Me: “Yes.”

Lucy: “Can I tell mom and Kathleen about what we almost did?”

Me: “Sure Lucy.”


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