This weekend, Lucy heard that her cousin Maggie is a vegetarian. This became a topic of conversation on the drive to gymnastics today.

Lucy: “How did you know Maggie was a vegetarian?”

Me: “She told us.”

Lucy: “So she doesn’t eat bacon or sausage?”

Me: “Nope.”

Lucy: “And she can’t eat sweets?”

Me: “Well, most sweets are not made with meat. She can eat candy and cake.”

[Silence as Lucy contemplates this]

Lucy: “I want to become one …”

Me: “A vegetarian?!?!?!”

Lucy: “No! You didn’t let me finish. I want to become one of the people that doesn’t eat vegetables. Except maybe carrots.”

Your Voice Nourishes Me

Kathleen and Lucy are watching “Bunk’d” a Disney show set at a camp. Its aimed at kids, but sometimes jokes require some advanced knowledge. In this episode a sheep is giving birth. After the lamb emerges, one of the girls in the show says: “Oh, and look, it comes with a leash.” At that point I overhear the following conversation.

Lucy: “What is the leash?”

Kathleen: “Oh, they are talking about the vocal cord. It goes from the mommy to the baby and gives the baby food. It goes in where your belly button is. On some animals, it hangs around for a while before falling off.”

Such a fascinating mixture of knowledge and confusion.