Dessert with a side of wit

After school, Kathleen was lobbying for a treat, claiming that since it was the last day of State testing today she deserved one. She thought we should get pastries at the store.

Jennifer responded that we need to get away from junk food.

Supporting my wife I reinforced: “Yes. We should resolve to eat better.”

“No,” Kathleen responded with a smile in her voice, “We should resolve to eat donuts.”

Quite frankly, I am surprised that Jennifer was not converted by this sly use of wordplay.

Our First Born

Do you ever have those times when you try to say something about one of your kids, but the other kids name comes out?

Tonight as we were getting ready for dinner, Jennifer asked if Lucy had been fed. She didn’t mean Lucy. She meant Clyde. For those who do not know, Clyde is our cat.