Hard of Hearing

This morning as Kathleen and I walked out of the door to head to school, Lucy emerged from the hallway carrying her shoes and socks in her hand.

“You don’t have your shoes and socks on yet?” I queried.

“NO!” Lucy threw herself on the floor and proceeded to pull her socks as if trying to get her feet to shoot out the other side. “I told you three hundred times that I needed help to get them on,” she said with obvious disdain while simultaneously putting on her socks and shoes without any help.

“Wow. Three hundred times. I must have missed that.”

At that, Lucy leaned her face forward and brought her pupils as close as possible to her forehead. “It’s like you don’t have ears.” She paused. “That’s what mom says!”

It’s funny, because I don’t remember hearing her mother ever say that. But it does sound a lot like her …

On a side note, my mother will enjoy this story because I have heard her say things like this. It’s almost like everyone around me just talks too quietly.

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