The Tyrant on the High Bars

We usually have a good 40 minutes between pick up at the girl’s school and when Lucy has to be at gymnastics. Plenty of time to get home, have a snack, watch an episode of some show, and then leisurely make our way to the car.

On some Wednesdays, when needed, we pick up another gymnastics girl (Mazie) at school and ferry her to our house and then to gymnastics. She is one grade above Kathleen and Kathleen and Lucy have made friends with her throughout the year, basically on the basis of the time that they spend together in transit. She gets ready for gymnastics at school, which slows us a few minutes. But in general she is faster moving than my 7 year old, so it doesn’t slow us much.

This morning, however, Lucy decided that she wanted to be like Mazie. She wanted to put her leotard on at school. I tried to explain to her that this was really not necessary. That this would require her putting her leo in her back pack, having it with her all day, and then changing in a public restroom. All the while the other option would be coming back to her own room where, with no special preparation, she would find her leotard hanging and be able to change in private while everyone else sat comfortably in the living room.

Lucy was hearing none of it. Thus it was that Kathleen, Mazie, and I found ourselves standing in a warm Elementary School hallway waiting for Lucy to emerge from the bathroom having changed out of her clothes, put on her leotard, then put her clothes back on over the top of the leotard. And from there we went to our house.

We now have only about fifteen minutes at home before leaving for gymnastics. I am still unclear on whether Lucy is going to take her over-clothes off again before heading out. But doubtless she will eventually tell me. After all, she is clearly the one in charge here. #HeldHostageBySevenYearOldLogic

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