Four Eyes

A few months ago, Lucy’s teacher alerted us that she was complaining that things were “fuzzy” around her. We asked her about this and she confirmed that she felt that her sight was getting blurry. So Jennifer took Lucy to the eye doctor.

At the doctors office, in front of the eye chart, all of a sudden she not only had problems seeing, she appeared to forget her letters. Even on the big E at the top, she claimed she couldn’t see it. The doctor suggested that either our daughter had gone blind, or she had friends with glasses and really wanted a pair for herself.

When we got home, we talked with Lucy and confirmed that she threw the eye exam. We told her that, given the genes she had inherited, she would certainly need glasses one day, but she didn’t yet.

The eye problems went away for a while. Only in the last week has Lucy returned to her claims that the world around her is fading.

So it was that, while Jennifer and Kathleen were away one night, I heard Lucy from the living room “Dad, I can’t see anything. Everything has gone dark!”

Worrying that we might have missed something serious because we thought she was pretending, I rushed in to see what was happening. There was Lucy, laying on the ground, TV and lights off, with her sunglasses on. She looked up at me like Joe Cool, and said “I can’t see anything.”

The next night we took her by Walmart and bought her a $10 set of glasses.  No prescription, just the glasses. Silly little girl. But, you know, it is a good look for her.



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