Compulsory Attendance

Lucy, walking downstairs, where neighborhood kids have gathered …

“Who wants to have a tea party? ….”

“Who wants to have a tea party? ….”

“Whoever does not answer is coming to the tea party!”


The Gift of Civics

For Christmas, Kathleen got an American Girl doll. She is a native Russian Jew who immigrated to the US about the time of the anti-Jewish pogroms. Now in the US, she is struggling with her Jewish identity in a Christian majority country.

Toys just got real yo.


Aging gracelessly

Kathleen: “Dad, what are you going to be like when I go on my first date?”

Me: “Much, much older.”


The Bridge to Terabookia

What to do on a full day at home during Christmas break ….

If you are Lucy, you start the day by building a book bridge from the front door to the living room.



Morning Logic

Lucy, still extremely groggy, explained her footwear to me this morning.

“I need to wear gym shoes. Today was art so tomorrow is gym, and today is tomorrow.”


Going for the Gold!

Lucy and I on our way to a gymnastics meet in Jefferson City.

Lucy: I’m so glad I’m in Gymnastics!

Me: I am glad you enjoy it so much.

Lucy: Yea. That, and mom is cleaning the house today. Kathleen has to help because she doesn’t have anywhere to escape to.