The path not taken

Lucy was a pill tonight. First she wanted to sleep with her mom (who has been sick), then she didn’t, then she did again.

I turned to Kathleen to express my frustration: “Your sister is a little crazy.”

Kathleen responded: “Well, I was good with being an only child. But noooo. You had to go and have another one.”

Playing Dirty

On the way home from school today Lucy told me that she got in a fight today, and that she and the other girl had to write apology letters to one another.

The rest of the way home I interrogated Lucy about what she meant. Did you hit someone? Did someone hit you? Did you yell at someone? Did you say mean things? Lucy chose this point to clam up. She claimed she couldn’t remember.

So, after we got home we emailed her teacher to get the full story.

The teacher emailed back: “Ha! I think her and another student were arguing while I was working at my table with other students. I told the two of them to be quiet a couple times, then realized that they were arguing. Next thing I knew they had written letters to each other saying sorry and that they loved each other!!”

I have never done anything in my life to deserve such great daughters!

Wilbur’s bacon

Last week Kathleen’s class read and watched Charlotte’s Web. Kathleen fell in love with Wilbur the pig, Charlotte, and all of the barn yard animals. At the end, she cried.

Two nights ago she got her homework, an unrelated worksheet where she has to look at a clue and fill in the proper word.

She looked at the clue “Pork comes from this animal.” She calmly wrote P …I … G… in the blanks, then she leaned over and wrote something else in the margin. I had to wait for her to finish before I could read it.

“Wilbur. Not ok.”



Entropy, you bastard

First thing we did at the Fairview Elementary school Festival was to get the girls snow cones. Lucy took three bites then ran off to play.

An hour later, after the cake walk, carnival games, and time playing on the playground, she turns to me and asks: “Where’s my snow cone?”

I told her that it melted. So now she is in the midst of a full on emotional breakdown.

Yep. Physics, you are a cruel master.