Parenting Grammar

Working on adjectives with Kathleen, I explain that adjectives are the words that describe nouns.

Kathleen: “What?”

Me: “Like ‘red’ in the phrase ‘red nose.'”

Kathleen: [blank stare]

I now pick up a multi-color construction paper star that Lucy made at school and hold it aloft.

Me: “Ok. Kathleen, describe this star.”

Kathleen: “The star that my weird father is holding.”

Technically “weird” is an adjective, so I am counting this as a win.


Jennifer cleaned the living and dining rooms in our house this morning while Kathleen and Lucy were at a friends house. Doing so required sorting through children’s clothes, shoes, snack containers, etc.

When the girls returned we sat them down: “Do you like how the house looks?”

Girls: “Yes!”

Me: “What can we do to keep it this way?”

Kathleen: “Keep Lucy and me in cages?”

She may have hit upon the only long-term solution.