Kathleen’s Political Commentary


Soap Opera Shorts

Ella and Kathleen shared a secret (the content of the secret really makes no difference, it was trivial). Lucy felt left out, basically because she was literally left out. Kathleen and Ella went into the back yard to share the secret. Lucy screamed at the top of her lungs. I came outside to tell Lucy not to do that unless her head has fallen off. Jennifer gave Kathleen a talking to for leaving Lucy out. Problem solved.


Lucy, empowered by knowing Kathleen had been told not to leave her out now, demanded that Kathleen tell her the secret. Kathleen, thrust upon the horns of a moral dilemma, decides to break her oath to Ella and share the secret with Lucy. Ella becomes angry, tells Kathleen that she is no longer her friend, and retreats inside her house.

Kathleen, crying, now comes to me, hoping that I can provide the deus ex machina in her tragic play. So, being a professional ethicist, how did I brilliantly unravel this soap opera? I waited until Jennifer showed up outside, then sneaked back inside to write this story.