Bedside Manner

Jennifer is out of town so I had to take the girls with me to a doctors visit.

Doctor: “Are you allergic to anything?”

Me: “No.”

Kathleen: “Yep, just mom.”

Doctor: “Well all husbands are allergic to their wives.”

Me: “Oh. No. She doesn’t mean I am allergic to my wife. She means my wife is allergic to some things.”

Doctor looks at me. Pauses. “Sure.”



Kathleen: Dad, we miss mom, so we are going to make her presents.

Me: That sounds nice.

Lucy: Mine is going to be special.

Kathleen: Mine is going to be even more special! … Dad, what does mommy like?

Me: When her children avoid competing with each other and get along.

Kathleen: I know! She likes giraffes.

Me: Yup. That too.

Reginald Jeeves

Lucy has been sick today. Still has a 102 degree fever. But she is trying to get back to eating. So, when she asked me for some fruit snacks, I brought them to her on the couch.

Lucy: Yea!!!!!

Me: What?

Lucy: Being sick is fun.

Me: Well not when your tummy is upset!

Lucy: No, but it’s like mommy and daddy are your servants.

I’m still unclear on how she is distinguishing this from any other period in her life.

Lucy Sick


Digital Assistant

Kathleen got a hold of my phone, and apparently she knows how to use Siri to create reminders.