What Do you Get Someone Who Already Has a Cat?

Jennifer’s Birthday is next week.  So, on the drive home from swim practice the girls and I discussed what kinds of things Jennifer likes, so that we might figure out a good present.

Me: “So, what do we think.”

Lucy: “Mommy likes me.  And she likes Kathleen.  She likes Clyde too, but she already has one of him.”

Me: “Good, we are narrowing things down.”

Kathleen: “She likes Elsa and Frozen.”

Me: “No, Kathleen, you like Elsa and Frozen.”

Lucy: “Mom likes hibernation.”

Me: “Where did that come from?”

Lucy: “We just learned about it at school. It’s when people sleep for a long time.”

Me: “Ok, but I think that is more daddy than mommy.”

Kathleen: “She likes Monster High.”

Me: “Again, Kathleen, that is you, not her.”

Somehow, we made very little progress by the time we reached home.


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