Revenge love

Thank God for sibling rivalry.  In order to distinguish her from her sister and to benefit from Lucy’s spurning of her father, Kathleen has made an explicit exception that allows me to come into her room! (The “A” in “dad” even has a heart attached).Dad allowed

Got to have limits

Last night Lucy entered the kitchen, a bit sheepish. She clearly had something important to discuss.

Lucy: “Dad?”

Me: “Yes?”

Lucy: “From now on we are going to have to do hugs and kisses in the hall at night. I put a sign on my door that says ‘No boys allowed’ but cats are still allowed.”

She then led me to see the sign. It is supposed to be read from top to bottom in two columns.

This morning instead of coming in and scratching her back as I usually do, I woke her by opening her door and shouting at her from the hall.



Over the Hill

Lucy:”I don’t like being the littlest one in the family.”

Me: “You are not the littlest. Clyde (our cat) is smaller than you.”

Lucy: “But I am littlest in order. I’m five. Kathleen’s eight. Mommy’s like twenty. And you are like a thousand. And I think Clyde is even older than you.”

Me: “Jennifer, are you listening to this?”

Jennifer, laughing: “Of course I am.”

You will note that Jennifer did not correct her daughter.

What Do you Get Someone Who Already Has a Cat?

Jennifer’s Birthday is next week.  So, on the drive home from swim practice the girls and I discussed what kinds of things Jennifer likes, so that we might figure out a good present.

Me: “So, what do we think.”

Lucy: “Mommy likes me.  And she likes Kathleen.  She likes Clyde too, but she already has one of him.”

Me: “Good, we are narrowing things down.”

Kathleen: “She likes Elsa and Frozen.”

Me: “No, Kathleen, you like Elsa and Frozen.”

Lucy: “Mom likes hibernation.”

Me: “Where did that come from?”

Lucy: “We just learned about it at school. It’s when people sleep for a long time.”

Me: “Ok, but I think that is more daddy than mommy.”

Kathleen: “She likes Monster High.”

Me: “Again, Kathleen, that is you, not her.”

Somehow, we made very little progress by the time we reached home.