Kindergarten Anatomy

Lucy entered the kitchen noticeably limping: “Oh! Ah! Oh no!”

Me: “What happened Lucy?”

Lucy: “I hurt the wrist for my foot!”

Me: “Your ankle?”

Lucy: “Yea, that’s it, my ankle.”



Sometimes, in order to make scooping easier, we microwave the ice cream for a few seconds before serving.

When Lucy got done with dinner tonight, she asked if she could have dessert. Jennifer and I told her to wait till we were done eating.

Next thing we knew Lucy was standing with the ice cream in front of one of our space heaters. She is so helpful.



While I was out of town the girls watched the first two Harry Potter movies. So when I returned, Kathleen was really excited to tell me about Harry and how he went to Warthogs for school, about Dumbdoor, and about Debbie the house elf. We are starting the movies again tonight to try to get straight on some of the details.


Nose Problems

Lucy is getting a cold and didn’t sleep well last night. To explain the situation this morning she pointed to the Kleenex: “I had to keep using that for my fluffy nose.”

I didn’t correct her. If during colds our noses actually got fluffy instead of stuffy, I think that would be a better world.


The World Behind the Tube

Heading to bed, Kathleen clicks off the television: “TV, you’re off for the day. Every character in every show: get some sleep. We’ll see you tomorrow.”