A Couple of Humbugs

While putting up lights I came to one section of one string that was not lighting up. So I plopped myself down in the front lawn with the string and a handful of replacement bulbs.

Lucy was playing nearby and came over to help.

“How long is this going to take dad?” She asked.

“Well,” I responded, “I’m going to change each bulb all the way to the end to see which one is the problem.”

“This is the dumbest work ever,” she concluded.

I nodded.

Lucy and I are not cut out to be Christmas elves.12316470_935112096575702_7365354252007506850_n

The Immaculate Nanny

Last night Lucy and I were playing with the Nativity Set.  This was a bit awkward, because Lucy is really used to free range in her story telling. But I had to stop her when she asserted that the Angel was really Jesus’ mom and Mary was just baby sitting.

She also insisted on putting baby Jesus on top of the stable, so everyone who came to visit had to climb on someone else’s solders in order to see him.