A Three Eyed, Two Legged, Purple People Eater

This is the three eyed monster Lucy made in art class today. She named it after Kathleen. Thankfully, Kathleen took it as a compliment. #MyKidsAreWeirderThanYours



Necessity is the Mother of Fashion Inovation

On swim lesson nights the girls have to bring outfits to change into after they are done. Instead of bringing a top and a bottom, this evening Lucy brought shorts and a skirt. But her mom made it work. And Lucy is totally pulling it off.



On the Playground

Me: So, Kathleen, who do you play with on the playground these days?

Kathleen: Well, there is this one boy, Owen.

Me: Really?!? So what games do you play with Owen?

Kathleen: Well, mostly he runs away. So we play chase.