Psychological Egoism

Lucy worked to get my attention in the chaos of getting ready for bed last night.

“Daddy, in case you need Kleenex, I am putting a box of them here on your end table.”

“Well thank you so much for taking care of my Lucy!”

Lucy looks confused, then straightens up: “No, daddy, I don’t want you to wake us up when you are looking for them in the middle of the night.”  She wanders off toward bed.

It’s great to be loved.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Kathleen and I are sitting alone in the living room, discussing what to watch on TV.

Me: “If you put on Phineas and Ferb, I will let you stay up later!”

Kathleen: “Ok, fluff belly!” She elbows me in the ribs as she says this.  Then leaning slightly away, she puts her near hand to one side of her mouth, like she is trying to talk to someone across the room without me hearing. “I don’t know why I call him that!”

Me: “Who are you talking to?!?”

Kathleen: “The audience.”

I give a belly laugh.

Kathleen smiles slyly at me.  Then returning her hand to the side of her mouth: “Don’t try that at home folks!”


I asked my daughters what superpower they would want if they could only have one. Their answers were anything but typical.

Kathleen wants the power to move stars around to make new constellations and real shooting stars (not just those silly meteor knock offs). She would be called “Star Mover.”

Lucy wants the power to make rainbows in any shape or size come out of her hands. She would be called “Rainbow Girl.”

I think the world might be a better place if it were run by little girls.