Easier for who?

In the middle of the night, I woke up and realized that the stomach bug that had hit my daughters over the weekend had made it to me. I called off classes, but still had to get Kathleen to school in the morning. So, at 7:00AM I woke her, then crawled under the covers, shivering.

Me: “Kathleen, daddy is sick, so you are going to need to get yourself dressed and get your breakfast by yourself this morning.”

Kathleen: “All by myself?!?”

Me: “Yes.”

Kathleen: “You know what might be easier? You could crawl out to help me, and I could throw a blanket on top of you.”

She then proceeded to suggest that if my stomach was hurting, it would be best to crawl “like a seal.”  She then went immediately into example mode, pulling her self along the ground in the bedroom with her unmoving, straight legs trailing on the floor behind her.  She assured me that this would keep my stomach at ease while I came to her aid.

Boy, it’s good to feel needed.


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