Only the Best

Lucy expects nothing short of superlatives. When she brings me a picture she has drawn, she does not ask: “How do you like it?” She asks: “How do you love it?”

Moo, darn it MOO!

Discussion on the way home from swim practice:

Me: “You two girls are goofy!”

Kathleen: “WE ARE NOT!”

Lucy: “We are fabulous women!”

Kathleen: “We are Princesses!”

Lucy: “We are beautiful!”

Kathleen: “We are excellent turkey trainers!”

Me: “What?!?”

Kathleen: “Yes, those are people who teach turkeys how to be turkeys when they forget.”

Lucy: “Like, if they are mooing like a cow, we teach them how to cluck.”


I think that this whole conversation simply goes to prove my original claim.

Hard Work

Kathleen, as I brush her hair this morning: “Man, raising two girls is hard work!”

Me: “Tell me about it!”

Kathleen: “How can I tell YOU about it? I’m not the one raising two girls.”


She is right, ILLUSTRATING why it is hard work was really the stronger move here.