Moral Paradox

Lucy (4yo) approached me sheepishly in the kitchen. “Daddy, I kind of breakded the rule.”

Me: “Lucy, what did you do?”

Lucy: “I lied.”

Me, very serious now: “About what?”

Lucy, a smile creeping across her face: “I didn’t really breakded the rule!”

Smelly Pirates

Last night, I was reading aloud Pirates Past Noon (from the Magic Tree House series) with Kathleen.

On one page, the pirate Cap’n Bones searches the young protagonist’s backpack only to find a book there. In my best pirate voice, I read: “A book. That’s vile booty!”

Kathleen’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she broke into wild belly laughs. She literally lost control of herself. I know because in the midst of her chuckling fit she passed gas loudly. Then, continuing to laugh so hard she was beginning cry, she managed to exclaim: “I just pooted with MY booty!”

For the record, it was vile.