I Asked For It

Kathleen and Lucy have an established night time ritual.  It includes standing at their bedroom doors and saying (really almost yelling to each other) goodnight via a repetition  of “Good Night!  Sleep Tight! Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!”  This usually goes on until their parents eventually close their doors or shut off their lights.

Tonight, the ritual got extremely loud as the two of them attempted to out-goodnight each other.  As voices raised with no end in sight, I finally lost my cool.  “OK GIRLS, THAT WILL BE ENOUGH!  PLEASE GO TO YOUR BEDS!”

Immediately quieting down, Kathleen turned to me, and apparently to explain what had been going on, said: “It’s tough raising children.”

Tell me about it little girl.  Tell me about it.

1 thought on “I Asked For It

  1. Just started at the top of your blog and enjoyed reading down to here. I have two girls, one 4, one 5 1/2, and can definitely relate to these snippets. Funny stuff.

    (It’s Mike from the FF league, by the way.)

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