Mommy Remote


When I picked Lucy up today, she was very excited to show this to me. She currently draws people as heads with legs, so I thought it was just a person. I asked “Who is it?” She replied “Mommy, but you see all these dots?” “Yes,” I replied. “They are buttons,” she told me, “This is a Mommy Remote.” I thought for a second, “You mean that by pushing the buttons you can control mommy?” “Yes!” she responded.

So, I am totally going to have to borrow that from her now!


Listening Quietly

Lucy (4 yo.) refused to take a nap with mommy this afternoon.  After nap time, the family went shopping.  Lucy quickly got tired of walking, and asked to be put in the shopping cart.  She then laid down with only her cupped hand separating her from the metal mesh that composes the skeleton of the cart.  As her eyes closed, I asked: “Are you going to sleep, Lucy?”  She immediately perked up … “NO, DADDY, I am listening to the sound of the Ocean!”

I am not convinced!