Suprise Aniversary!

One is never sure what to expect at our house.

I got home from a lunch meeting, and Kathleen promptly told Jennifer and I that the girls were planning a surprise party and that we needed to get ready. I asked who the surprise was for, and Kathleen responded “Well, that is the surprise. I can’t tell you that.”

We were told that mom needed to dress pretty and dad needed to dress hansom for the party. Then Kathleen and Lucy told us to stay in our room until they were ready.

When we were finally called downstairs for the party we found that the girls had set a table with Doritos, potato chips, dip, packaged peaches, Peanut M&Ms, and two unopened cans of olives. Kathleen announced that she and Lucy thought that we deserved an anniversary. So, we danced, sat down and ate chips, dip, peaches, and M&Ms (we decided that we didn’t really have to open the olives!), watched a Veggie Tales movie, and had a family hug.

Happy child-planned anniversary Jennifer!


Kathleen’s Wilderness Survival Guide

Tomorrow, we are joining Grandma and Grandpa at the Lake of the Ozarks. The girls are excited to camp out in a tent for the first time.

Today, as we bought said tent, Kathleen asked: “Daddy, in case there are wild animals, can Lucy and I sleep at the back of the tent?”

I tried to assure her: “Kathleen, there are no wild animals where we are camping.”

To this, Kathleen responded: “Ok, Dad. In case you are wrong, and there are wild animals, Lucy and I are going to sleep at the back of the tent.”

“Of course Kathleen.”

I don’t know why she even started out phrasing it as a question.

The Little Philosopher

The other night, Kathleen (6yo) asked if a lie is different from a joke or if a joke is a type of lie.


Tonight, Kathleen approached me, saying “Hey, we didn’t even have dessert tonight!”

I responded: “We had dinner at IHOP, and you got …”

Kathleen: “A Chocolate Pancake.”

Me: “And a Chocolate Pancake is …”

Kathleen, grudgingly, and with extreme prejudice: “A dessert.”

And then she followed her claims to their own conclusion: “Daddy, can I have a water with ice?”


I am raising a philosopher!  Score!

Also, don’t tell her, but I totally would have caved if she had pressed for a Popsicle.

The most important Princess

Conversation with Kathleen:

Kathleen: For my birthday we need a four layer cake.

Me: Wow. A quadruple layer cake?

Kathleen: Yes. Because we need space for all the princesses. And you know who is the most important princess?

Me: Mulan? Snow White? Tiana?

Kathleen: Tiana is special, because she kissed a frog. But no.

Me: So who is the most important princess?

Kathleen: Me! Hello! We may need to make me out of cardboard. But I will be wearing a green dress. And maybe princess Anna could stand next to me …