Frozen or Bust

Kathleen is a bit sick today, so she has been huddling in her bath robe, under covers on the couch watching movies. This evening, about ten minutes into Frozen, she closed her eyes.

“Are you going to sleep Kathleen?” I asked.

“Be quiet,” she responded, “I am taking a nap.”

“Well, you know that bath time is in just a few minutes.” I replied, “Maybe we should get you into bath and on to bed early.”

“But the movie isn’t over,” She replied. She was now wide awake and clearly put off at my blasphemous suggestion that we might turn off Frozen.

Undeterred, I continued my line of reasoning. “But, Kathleen, you are sick, and you were just trying to take a nap.”

Kathleen took a moment, then responded: “Talk to the butt!” She promptly rolled over and stuck out her derriere.

As Lucy, mommy, and I broke into a broad belly laughs, I had to accept that I had been defeated. We are now watching the end of Frozen.