The Shoddy Perfectionist

A day late for Mothers day, but I remembered this story while mowing today, so here goes …
When I first got the “opportunity” to mow the lawn at our family’s house, I would finish mowing, then get down on the ground to look across the lawn to see the grass I had failed to catch.
One time when I was doing this, my mother was working in the front yard. As she walked by me, she said “You are such a good worker, making sure that you got every last piece of grass!”
When she did this, I thought to myself something like: “Lady, you are crazy, I missed like half the grass.” But as I hopped up, I only said: “Yep.” Then ran on into the house.
Now as a parent, I appreciate that my Mom wasn’t actually crazy, because I know that before she spoke, she was thinking to herself: “Oh good Lord, that is the worst mowed yard ever, and he thinks he has gotten all the grass. But I don’t want to discourage him from mowing!”
As I stated at the beginning, I just got back in from mowing. So, well played mom, well played.

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