Regarding Glenn Hannigan’s commentary (“Tebow’s faith-sharing breaks unofficial rules,” Dec. 23 Reporter): I appreciate that Tim Tebow appears to have a strong personal faith and is willing to speak publically about his faith.

At the same time, I find that it is important to remember that Jesus spoke about the dangers of prayer constructed for public consumption (Matt. 6:5-8). It represents a temptation both for the one doing the praying and for those observing it. Sinful humans are able to corrupt even the most sacred of acts, making it about ourselves rather than God.

It especially concerns me that a particular posture for prayer has come to be known as “Tebowing.” Who is it that is truly being honored when one takes such a posture? If we were to start labeling Christian activities after compelling exemplars, I would be more excited to see people today “Martin Luther KingKing-ing” or “Mother Teresaing.” Imitating these exemplars may make fewer headlines, but it would more clearly reflect God’s self-giving love into the world.

Originally published in The United Methodist Reporter, January 13, 2012